The Agony Mixtape #6


The Agony Mixtape is an attempt to celebrate and showcase musical works often ignored by the mainstream media. Unbiased and not focused on a particular genre, it will focus on music above all else, and will be here as a showcase of art, not of drama.

This is the sixth Agony Mixtape featuring Great Apes, The Hostiles, Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms, Green Buzzard, and Yipiok.



Last Days of Tranquility is taken from Great Apes’ concept record, California Heart, an album that really needs to be understood in its entirety in order to appreciate the values of each track.

That aside, this song gives off one of those Californian punk rock vibes. You know the sort- distortion, bar chords and a tongue with an American twang. Turn it up loud and play it proud, you’re in good company in punk country with these guys. RV


Scottish ska-punk people The Hostiles’ track, Inconsiderate, is a three minute rant about that person we all have in our lives- the one that’s a bit of a douche.

It’s a very well written, angst-riddled track you’ll want to play loudly after coming in contact with said person. Not only does guitarist/vocalist Josh Barron help you exhale the frustration, the rest of the band is also on hand to make you chipper once more, thanks to their addictive brand of ska-punk that finishes in a fashion one can only describe as ska-punk operatic. RV


Ryan Allen and His Extra Arm’s 90s alternative/60s pop enthused track Alex Whiz, tells the tale of one very kooky kid..

The song, which one would file under punk, fires off melodic and vibrant distorted electric guitar and a simple drum pattern from start to finish. Ryan Allen’s uniquely styled voice and interesting song style, quite simply put, is pretty darn cool. So much so in fact, that you’ll feel cooler yourself, just by listening. RV


(I Don’t Wanna) Break Your Heart is the second track off Green Buzzard’s memorably titled EP, Eazy Queezy Squeezy.

Written by frontman Paddy Harrowsmith as a satirical poke at the conventional pop song, the track is a lighthearted tune that make makes for some very easy listening. It still carries the essence that is Green Buzzard throughout the song, and in our humble opinion, is worthy of its place on the bands EP. Let this earworm settle in. RV


Johnny Lever and Kissy Smallwood are YipiOK, a two-piece band from London and Southampton. From their Swords! EP, Gutterbug is Gary Newman meets Frank Zappa on a summers day.

Kissy Smallwood produces a track of simple drums and fun, but fractured, pop-electronic music. Whilst Johnny Levett tells us a story of young love in an infectiously cool and catchy style. Personally we’d love excited to hear more from YipiOK, until then we’ll just keep singing- “gotta get that gutter butter, gotta get that gutter butter”. RV

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