EP Review: Vesture-Trinkets And Gold (B-Sides And Rarities)

‘Vesture’s debut EP is a three track monument to the band’s Math Rock sound. Each track has been well produced and the whole EP sounds tight from the first song to the last.

Garth Carter is the voice of the band, and just like the characteristic complex atypical rhythmic structures of a Math Rock band, he takes his vocals from an almost Gospel-esque feel, to pure raw grit in a matter of seconds.

Carter’s lyrics and heartfelt vocals give their debut EP a mature relatable emotional feel. This coupled with the clean, yet disjointed and brash sound brought on by the band as a whole, gives ‘vesture’ an atmosphere not heard of for some time. An excellent debut EP and I’m betting an awesome band to see live.

We filmed Vesture last year. Check the video out below.

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