EP Review: Feral Youth-Sugar

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Brighton natives Feral Youth have been gigging consistently across the south-coast for the past year. Having released debut single ‘Overturn’ last May more music has been long overdue. The band’s debut EP ‘Sugar’ was released on Monday the 27th March. The EP spans three tracks that see the band combine elements of grunge, dream-pop and alternative rock in all the right ways. A record that stings with a rawness and that is full of powerful instrumentation, Feral Youth have debuted a collection of songs that are bound to leave their mark.

EP opener ‘Strangers’ begins with phaser effect followed by a light, mellow guitar melody before kicking into a riff-heavy instrumental that immediately has the listener hooked. The vocal melody displayed in the verses is complimented extremely well by the instrumental dynamics being brought down before building back up and crashing into the guitar hook previously heard at the beginning of the song.

‘Thirsty for More’ is another riff orientated track that gives way for the band to demonstrate a shift in dynamics once again. The guitar riff continues to follow the vocal melody throughout the verses, acting in a call and response manner. Much like previous song ‘Strangers’ the track begins to build into an explosive instrumental that is carried steadily with drum rolls and guitar bends before plunging into a frenzy of distorted guitars in an outro that feels riddled with angst and anguish.

Closing track ‘Miles’ has a more alternative rock feel to it in contrast to the grunge influences demonstrated across the rest of the EP. With lead vocals that are reminiscent of Lower Than Atlantis and a sunny guitar melody that’s comparable to bands such as Moose Blood and Turnover, topped off with a transcendent guitar solo, ‘Miles’ brings the record to a close on a high.

Listen to Sugar below.

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