Agony Worldwide #7: USA


We love music here at Agony Magazine and each day we strive to promote the best and brightest bands and artists around the world. We simply adore scouring the internet for musicians we’ve never heard of and falling in love with what we find. The Agony Radar, and now Agony Worldwide, has been one of the ways we’ve shared our discoveries with you.

From now on The Agony Radar is going to be restricted to the UK alone, giving artists in our home country the chance to shine in a place that’s just for them, where they can discover other talented people that they might even get the chance to share a stage with one day. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore the rest of the world…

Agony Worldwide is a regular playlist showcasing the greatest bands and artists found outside of the UK. Each playlist will focus on a particular country or continent.

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